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It all started in 1937 when Adolph Bello moved to a little farm taking care of some chickens. His son Anthony Bello grew keen of farming, assisting his father from a young age. Together, they made it through the economic storms of the 1960s and the 1970s. Anthony deprived himself of sleep and fun and worked 7 days for 80 hours a week. He loved his work so much he couldn't think of any better craft. Anthony slowly started expanding his farming service.

After the success and the long years of experience and hard work, Anthony Bello gives all credit to his father’s advice: “ Stay with one thing and do a good job. If you satisfy your customers and always be good to them, you'll stay in business”. That's how our customers enjoy the finest generous meat cuts prepared with love and dedication. 

In our farm, we make sure each animal is well taken care of and pass the USDA inspection in order to provide a guaranteed organic quality meat. The environment our animals live in is clean and healthy according to the international laws. We are very transparent, even customers might watch the whole process while serving them. 

Bello Poultry is located between the New York city border and the eastern end of Long Island serving only ORGANIC HALAL meat with a healthy taste of quality meals served with devotion.

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